You are welcome. I’m excited about being here with you and that I’m going to share
some things with you that I’ve learned in the past few years – the hard
What I’m about to share with you is 4 simple list building ways that’ll
add 100, 1,000 even 10,000 new subscribers to your list in a very
short period of time.

Even if you know one of these methods, there’s three more ways to
reach more subscribers.
So without further delay, let’s get started…
 Your Backend

No, I’m not talking about your own backend; I’m talking about your
product's backend – Your “Thank-you” page.
In this strategy, I’m going to show you how to collect a list of hungry
customers just waiting to buy from you.
In many cases, I've had up to 100% of the people who bought my
product also optin to my free newsletter.
But what if I hadn’t placed the optin form after they purchased? I
would have lost them forever, rather than gaining life-long, loyal
The idea is simple…
On any of your “download” or “thank-you” pages, simply place your
mailing list information and optin form after you place the links of the
actual product they purchased from you.
You can also place it BEFORE your customer even downloads the
product from you. This forces the person to optin to your list.
Here’s an example of an optin form on a product’s download page:

Now, you don’t actually have to use your “main” autoresponder for
them to optin to. You can create a new autoresponder just for your
“paid customers.”
And, as simple and quick as that, you’ve got a list of hungry customers
just waiting for you to release another killer offer. It’s a very valuable
Using this method alone has gained me an extra 2,677 new
Action Taking Articles
You might wonder what writing useful article has to do with building a
list. Interestingly, there are a number of different ways in which they
can be used to build a list.
The first way you can build a list with articles is to write them and
then submit them to directories. This will generate some traffic to
your optin pages from directories, gaining you more subscribers.
Some of my favorite article directories are:
I cannot tell you just how powerful this is.
The second way you can build a list with articles is to optimize them
for keywords in your niche and then add them as pages to your own
site. After the search engines index your site, they will begin to send
traffic to you for those keywords, gaining you more subscribers.
This method works best if the articles are optimized for keywords with
little competition (i.e. usually ones that have under 2,000 searches).
Another way in which you can build an optin list with useful articles is
to submit them to publications – both online and offline. This, too, will
generate traffic to your optin page.
There's another way you can use articles to gain subscribers, but it is
somewhat different.

Rather than using them to generate traffic, use them as a
perceived value bonus that will get subscribers to optin.
Many marketers are now using this technique. Rather than sending
their traffic to a sales page, they’ll send it to an optin page that offers
a free “mini course” about the specific niche. It’s been proven to be
quite effective in gaining optins.
All that is required with this technique is that you take 5 – 7 of your
own articles and bundle them into a course – or you take 5 – 7
“free reprint rights” articles from a directory – and add them to a
You then advertise the free course in exchange for the optin. You can
then advertise to subscribers during your course and after it as much
as you wish, rather than making a single attempt on a low-conversion
rate sales page.
Just make sure that you’re providing content-rich articles – not a sales
Write Viral Reports
If you really want to boost your list size in a short amount of time,
your best bet is to write a viral report.How does a viral report work? It's simple.
I like to use a cool and free tool called Open Office (It’s an alternative
for Microsoft Office™)
1. Start by downloading the office software bundle for
free at the following URL:
2. Next, open up the text editor in this program and
outline a short 5-10 page report. Your best bet is
to select a “hot topic” within your given niche
(i.e. something everyone is talking about on
3. Write the report in the Open Office text editor,
using clean formatting, clear organization, and
useful tips.
Make sure to include links throughout your
viral report that point back to your optin
I would definitely suggest using at least one
on the title page and one at the end of the
report; however, ideally, you should find good
places to plug your optin page all throughout
the report.
4. Once you have proofread your report, you can simply
hit the “PDF” button on left sidebar of the Open
Office text editor. This will instantly turn your
document into a PDF.
The next step is distribution.
In order for your viral report to be a success, you
will want a large number of people to download it, read
it, and then opt into your list.
Viral reports and ebooks are meant to be that – viral. So your main
focus is to target a broad market.
I’m not talking about tiny niches like “Playing the flute”, I’m talking
about a broader market. Instead of targeting those who only want to
learn how to play the flute, target those who want to learn music.
So if you’re in the “home business” arena, you don’t want to just
target “Affiliate Marketers”, you want to target anyone interested in
making money at home.
So, this means you will need to get people to either give it away for
you or sell it for you.
If you plan to give it away for free, contact your current list with the
report and tell them they are welcome to give it away to anyone for
free. Additionally, contact ezine owners and webmasters in your niche
and ask them if they want a free report.
This is both a quick and effective means through which you can
generate traffic for your optin list.
Use Signature Files
Sometimes the simplest, most obvious techniques are the most
effective, even though they are overlooked as being invalid or

This is definitely the case with signature files. Most marketers overlook
them as simplistic ways to get traffic and to build lists. This is because,
they think, you are only getting subscribers every single time you
post, rather than on “auto pilot,” as they would prefer.
Unfortunately, when it comes to marketing, hard work is often needed
to deliver results faster and more effectively.
Using signature files requires some work, but if you already send out
emails frequently and if you already post on forums frequently, it will
require almost no work at all – and will yield results on a daily basis.
For the sake of this example, however, let's assume you're not
constantly involved on forums already.
A good way to get your signature file on forums is to first search for
them on Google. This is as simple as inputting “(add your market
here) forum” without the parenthesis on Google, searching through the
results, and bookmarking the best choices.
So for example, if you’re in the “bird” niche, you’d search for the terms
“bird forum” on the search engine. You’ll get a rich list of related
forums there for you to join.
I personally suggest looking at forums that have really low Alexa
ratings (lower than 50,000) and active posters. Not all niches will have
these forums, but if possible, you will want to find ones that have
dozens of new posts and replies on the main forum each day.
The second part of this strategy is simple:
Add your signature to your profile and make it desireable.
Use some powerful line to draw in your readers – and then direct them
to your optin page. If your list is free, include that, as it is likely to
draw a lot of extra clickers. I’ll give you an example later on.
In addition to posting on forums, make sure that you include a
signature file in all of your business emails. This is especially true if
you have multiple businesses in the same niche. It's a great way to
cross-promote your businesses and your list.
These signature files have worked for me:

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