The SFI TripleClicks Affiliate Online Program.Tips on How to Make SFI Your Full Time Job

Online Home Based Business Ways To Make Money With SFI when Joining Free

The SFI Affiliate Program has become one of the most well know affiliates programs on the internet. It was started in 1998 and has grown to have millions of services and products that are sold in over 190 countries. SFI was created in such a way that anyone with a computer and internet access would have the opportunity to sell these services and products and hopefully be able to make some residual
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Gery Carson is the CEO and President of the SFI Marketing Group. He was well know during the years from 1985 - 1998 as being a successful top marketer in many different companies. He was named to the Outstanding Young Men of America in 1992 and has also been a publisher of a successful magazine. It was in 1998 that the he started the SFI Marketing Group.

The SFI Affiliate Program is great in a number of ways. First and foremost its free, anyone can just go to the website and sign up as an affiliate. This in turn provides access to the millions of products and services that you can now sell. What you also receive after signing up is basically duplicated professionally designed websites that will handle all the payment processing and shipping of any of the products sold and these services and others are of no cost to the affiliate.
Receiving up to 70% commissions on any sales is the most basic form of income through the affiliate program. The second is to focus on sponsoring other affiliates underneath yourself building yourself sort of a down line team where the sponsoring person would receive a percentage of their commissions. The last focus is on training and teaching the affiliates on your team to do the same type of recruiting therefore expanding your team.

The SFI Affiliate Program is with a well established company, there are over 8000 new members of affiliates that sign up weekly which can kind of give you an idea of the amount of competition you might have, how many of them actually do anything we will not really ever know. There are many good things about this company but one of things that people do not take into consideration and is a shocker is even though you get to sign up for free, you are responsible for doing your own advertising and driving traffic to all your affiliate sites
If you're reading this article,you are possibly either an affiliate with SFI, or are thinking of joining SFI in order to make money working from your own home. Personally I am an affiliate with SFI myself, so I know its pros and cons from experience. However, I am hereby listing the advantages and disadvantages to being an SFI affiliate.

SFI has seen it's beginning in 1998. Gery Carson, a well known successful businessman, is it's founder. His presence in the business industry goes back to 1985, and throughout the years he's been featured in lots of business success magazines worldwide.
Sales within SFI are made through it's subdivision called TripleClicks. There is no fee to join SFI. In order to be eligible for compensation, no purchases are ever required, as the points needed (namely VersaPoints) can be achieved by referring others into the affiliate program and help them get points themselves. However, purchasing from TripleClicks will get you the points in a much quicker and hassle free way. SFI's compensation plan is widely spread and one can earn commission on up to 7 levels of downline members.

Purchasing rewards buyer with higher points and commissions...but what if you are situated far away from the company location (America)? I purchased some items myself (I'm from Malta). I have to say that service was great, however, shipping charges were definitely not! In other words, I had to pay more than double the item's price to have them shipped over. As you can imagine, there were lots of affiliates...including me, who showed their regret about this. Gery Carson came up with a great solution
Basically all affiliates will be able to refer the shops of their own choice to a new E-Commerce Associates gateway. Subject to being accepted, those who opt to become ECA's will be able to promote and sell their own goods back to back with TripleClicks products at wholesale prices. Every item sold through the ECA program will provide a generous amount of VersaPoints, ensuring betterc ommissions. Moreover, all affiliates will be eligible to receive lifetime royalties on every single sale made worldwide from the shops he/she referred. This is greatly expected to reduce and in some cases even wholly eliminate shipping charges.
SFI trains its affiliates through lessons it provides, mostly based on traditional methods. These provide the basics, but for long term one needs extended training which isn't found in the SFI training.. On long term one would certainly need profound marketing strategies, mostly the art of promoting oneself in front of the business.
SFI, Strong Future International, is not just an affiliate marketing company.
SFI is primarily a Network Marketing Company. You do have to build a team if you want to be very successful in this business. You do need to build a downline like any other MLM.
Unlike other MLMs that I've been involved with, SFI actually gives you six ways to earn revenue:
1. Earn from your Downline 
And like most other MLM or network marketing companies, you not only earn on your first level, but you earn on your downline too. And the more members you have on your team, the more you will earn.
2. Earn from Product Sales 
What products does SFI have? In their TripleClicks store, they have a full product line of "The Natural." These are organic products like their All-Purpose Cleaner.
The All-Purpose Cleaner smell really good! I had my cleaning service use this in place of the products they bring from their shop, and they really liked it.
"The Natural" Basin, Tub and Tile cleaner is another product in their household cleaning products line.
Both of these products are concentrated so it goes a long way. It works really well and it makes your house smell fresh and clean too.
SFI has a lot of other products in their TripleClicks store too like laundry detergent. And they also have a full line of nutritional products. I usually wait until the products are on the "Daily Deal" to purchase them.
Strong Future International is based on the network marketing model, which is where your primary revenue comes from - sales and purchases made by yourself and your downline from the TripleClicks store - just like any other network marketing company.
3. Earn from Affiliate Sales 
SFI also has an affiliate program built into it. Inside the TripleClicks store, you can sell your own items, used and new, and earn revenue. Or you can promote other people's items with affiliate links and earn a commission on the sales.
So you can earn direct sales from selling your own items - plus - if other people promote your items with their affiliate links, they get a commission from the sales too.
Everybody that joins Strong Future International is an SFI Affiliate because we're affiliated with SFI and TripleClicks, but SFI is a network marketing company first and foremost.
4. Earn from Co-Sponsored Affiliates 
In addition to getting revenue from your direct sales and building your downline, you also earn a commission from Co-Sponsored affiliates. Co-sponsored affiliates have a primary sponsor, but SFI also assigns new members to you as co-sponsored affiliates, which adds another revenue stream to your business.
For some new members, their co-sponsors can actually be more helpful than their primary sponsors - especially if their primary sponsors end up leaving the company.
5. Earn from Company Profit Shares 
Strong Future International also has a profit sharing revenue stream built in for its members. As the company grows their profits, they share a percentage of the profits with their qualifying members.
6. Earn with Pricebender's Live Penny Auctions 
As you earn Member Reward Points for sales and purchases, you can redeem the points for credits to use to purchase auction bids.
You can win some brand new stuff for pennies on the dollar and resell them at retail.
And so that nobody ever loses, you earn back points as you place bids and you can use those points to purchase more credits.
So SFI's Pricebender's penny auctions are a great value!
So there are multiple ways that you can earn inside of SFI. You can join free and stay free. And even if you decide to work your business strictly as an affiliate promoting products inside of TripleClicks, you'll still earn a commission from people who happen to sign up under you.
And if you use the back office system every day, you earn VPs, points that convert into profit-sharing revenue.
I hope this clears up some misunderstanding that SFI is either just affiliate marketing or that SFI is a scam.
Strong Future International - More than Affiliate Marketing - No Scams Here!
SFI has become one of the largest affiliate networks in the world. Many affiliates have been using SFI to earn a few extra bucks, some for a part-time income and some are enjoying SFI as a full time work from home job.
This article gives some pretty helpful tips on how to make SFI a full time job.
First of all you need to understand that working from home is possible. There are so many people out there missing out on great opportunities because they are fooled into thinking that you must need a big building, long hours and a foreman to have a full time job, this is simply not true.

SFI (Strong Future International) is a company that gives it's affiliates to start and operate their own home business with ease. As an SFI affiliate, you are given everything that is needed to begin your business. Everything from free training, a sponsor, marketing materials including a website preloaded with products and technical support.
Here are some tips that you can use to make SFI your full time job.
Treat It Like A Full Time Job - Even though your working from home, it is still work. Make up some type of schedule, it might be certain hours you work or even certain days you work make sure you dedicate 30-40 hours a week to your business.
Market On And Offline - Do not just focus on marketing online. Believe it or not there are still a lot of people out there that do not use a computer.
Learn SFI - You need to know everything you possibly can about the company. This will make marketing it a lot easier and it will give you the confidence that you will need to succeed as a business owner.
Work With Other SFI Affiliates - Working with other affiliates will give you the chance to collaborate with others that have the same goals as you. Working with others can increase your earning potential dramatically.

By applying these tips to SFI, you will speed up the process of making it a full time job.