How I make use of a Bitcoin Donation Matrix to increase my Bitcoin from $2 to $12,410 in 180 days

BTCInvestment - Invest in the future by collecting one small bitcoin at a time.
Did you miss out on ZARFund Bitcoin matrix which has gone viral with about 250000 members in 4 months?
What are you still waiting FOR!!! ?? If you are not Earning in Bitcoin, you are just damn missing out!!
Get at least just 1 bitcoin, Just 1 bitcoin, I mean Just 1bitcoin; Massive Change is gonna occur in the cryptocurrency space in 2017 and you wouldnt want to miss out on this golden opportunity of joining BTCInvestment bitcoin matrix which can give you 16 bitcoins every 180 days.
How does BTCINVESTMENT work?* In a nutshell, you start with 0.002 bitcoin (around $1.55) which you pay to your upline (the person you registered under), then with the team's support two people get to register under you paying you 0.002BTC each, you upgrade to stage 2 with 0.003BTC and so forth.

NOTE: We work as a team to ensure that everyone gets to level 5 in less than a month, ONLY the admins can assign downlines to members, so don't worry about your two downliners. ( But make sure you collect referrer links from the admin)
No need to worry BTCInvestments is a newly launched 2 X 5 bitcoin matrix which is a direct peer to peer donation matrix with almost 9000 upgraded members in 6 days. Donations are automatically confirmed by Blockchain hence it is important to have a Blockchain bitcoin wallet.
The price of bitcoin is appreciating and as of today 1 bitcoin is almost $1020 so what are you waiting for to take advantage of the rise in bitcoin price.
A once off donation of 0.002 out of your bitcoin wallet can get you back 16 bitcoins every 180 days as you recycle.
The matrix has 5 levels which are as follows:-
LEVEL 1: Starter. Pay your referrer Level 1 - 0.002 Bitcoin
Get 2 x 0.002 Bitcoin = 0.004 Bitcoin – 0.002 Btc (move to 2) = 0.002 Btc profit
LEVEL 2: Runner. Pay your upline Level 2 - 0.003 Btc
Get 4 x 0.003 Btc = 0.012 Btc – 0.003 Btc (move to 3) = 0.009 Btc profit
LEVEL 3: Pacer. Pay your upline Level 3 - 0.01 Btc
Get 8 x 0.01 Bitcoins = 0.08 Btc – 0.01 Bicoins (move to 4) = 0.07 Btc profit
LEVEL 4: Finisher. Pay your upline Level 4 - 0.05 Bitcoin
Get 16 x 0.05 Bicoin = 0.8 Bitcoins – 0.05 Bitcoins (move to 5) = 0.75 Bitcoin profit
LEVEL 5: Winner, Pay your upline Level 5 - 0.5 Bitcoin
Get 32 x 0.5 Btc = 16 Btc
No More upgrades = 16.331 Bticoin total profit
All monies go to your cause
The Maximum you can Give each 180 days is: 0.565 Bitcoins.
The Maximum you can Receive each 180 days is: 16.896 Bitcoins.
Start new cycle every 180 days
This is the link feel free to register and start donating 0.002 bitcoins and get 2 other people to join under you and donate 0.002 bitcoins to you and help them get their 2 people each as this will benefit you in the long run as their downlines will donate to you in the other levels of the matrix.
To be part of this revolution Join here:
It is not yet late to start being part of the bitcoin revolution as the price of bitcoin keeps rising so do not delay being a bitcoin millionaire. Do not miss out on this golden opportunity as you did miss out on others. Join BTCINVESTMENTS  here:

See you on the inside as we crush it!!

Crowdrising The Smart Way To Make Money In 2017 And Forward 1

A tested and proven system that guarantees you steady income into your Bank account to the tune of six figures

Dear friend, greetings from my heart. Take time to read this, it can change your financial life forever! I want to introduce you to a tested and proven peer-to-peer donating platform that guarantees you steady donations into your Bank account to the tune of six figures. Yeah, that may sound crazy and outrageous but it's as true and real as the air we breath.

Details of the system:
It's a referral based program called CROWD RISING. It's a program that enables you to receive donations for any project as you work smartly . I will make this explanation as brief as possible, highlighting also the differences between this system and other referral based program. Crowdrising is a peer to peer donating platform where you donate to others and also receive donations too. This simply connotes that there is NO central account where all monies are paid and disbursed, rather, members donate directly to each other in order of referrer group and donation group. (referrer group - uplines are people above you, while donation group - downlines are people below you) .

Stages of the program:
There are 15 stages in the program where you can receive donations up to 9 billion .
Stage 1: this is the first and least stage. Here, you register and upgrade by donating N7,400, your first and only donation from your pocket and you will  automatically receive donations from your 5 referral which you shall introduce to the platform through your referral link. You donate the sum of N7,400 to the person and upon confirmation by the person, you are upgraded to level 1 and you will be qualified to receive donations of N7,400 from five members. So, you donate 7400 and get 7400*5 = N37,000.
Stage 2: After level 1, you can upgrade to level 2 by donating 14,800 to a member in level 2 which the system will pair with you. When your donation is confirmed, you will automatically qualify to receive same amount of donation from 25 persons. So, you donate 14,800 and get 14,800*25 = N370,000.
Stage 3. Here, you donate N 22,200 to a member matched with you, and you will get 22,200*125 = 2.7million.
The stages continue till the topmost which is stage 15.

Differences b/w this system and other peer-to-peer donation platform :
This system is unique in many respects. I will highlight them hereunder.
1. Fastest payment system ever: The cardinal selling point of this system is fastness. No need to waste many days just to be paid peanuts! The circles of this system is the fastest to complete. Is there any other system known to you that can pay you N37,000 in 2days - depending on how smartly you work -  for a 7,400 investment?? I answer in the negative . So, with this system, you make your money fast, as in, Usain Bolt speed ooh .
2.. The greatest challenge of most networkers is the ability to convince others to join their network. This bottleneck has been removed by the advent of this system. In crowdrising, it's believed that the facts and benefits of the system will speak audibly for itself to attract new members. So where are the newest donors coming from?
The Funnel is filled quickly ( and in large number)  by way of:
  • Spillover from your upline:
The system automatically places the extra referrals by your upline under you since this is a forced matrix. Because you are directly under the upline, these new members fall under you! This is a huge benefit that spawns ultra-fast growth.
  • Your own promotion and / or recruiting your group:
You will get your own referral URL that you can promote to friends, families, etc. Promote in Facebook, Twitter, Email campaigns, YouTube, and all other mediums you think suitable. The more you promote the faster this grows.
  • Auto-placement / Random:
Auto-placement of new members that happen to sign up directly under the Crowdrising domain adverts and not a human invitee will be placed randomly in any given team’s downline. This won’t happen often, but it does happen.

Many other benefits abound but I shall leave you to decide for yourself. When you are done deciding, join us in making the cash now that you have the opportunity.

To register
Note 1: For you to enjoy the aforementioned benefits, you must use the link in this article. It's a link meant for Nigerians. The website has members from so many countries, but When u use the above link to register, you will be matched with people within Nigeria only so that your payments can go directly to your Nigerian bank account.
Note 2: Refer your  friends so they can benefit from the system like you. (which is what I’m doing right now.) Join this amazing platform here for free and enjoy spillovers from my active team. Click this link to sign-up now  or call me or text me on 08113928930 for more info.