With just N 2,000 only, you can earn N 60,000 - N 1,000,000 or more monthly

Earn Real Cash Full-time or Part time

You can earn thousands of naira by getting involved in this reward system

that can make you wealthy by getting paid for doing your regular habit 



Simple register in the network with N 2,000. Talk to your friends (as many as 

you can) to equally register in the network through you with the same 

amount (N 2,000) each. Each time any of your invited friends and family 

members register the same way you did, you will automatically earn1,000. 

Each of your friends is equally expected to get their friends and they earn 

their N 1000 too instantly. You earn up to three tiers downline, ie, you earn 

1000, N 500, N 250. respectively for your first, second and third downline. 

Once you activate your account, you become eligible to earn income, gifts 

and resources.


This is a special reward programme with unique rewards, benefits and 

privileges. You get paid instantly for each downline you recruit and those 

recruited by your direct downline. There is no delay in getting your earnings. 

Your account is credited immediately each time you register your friends. And 

with just two friends you claim back your N 2000 you registered with. You 

also win amazing gifts such as plasma TV, refrigerators, laptops, phones, 

generators, gas oven, etc, as your network grows, even without your direct 

effort. When you have 30 active downlines in your network, you qualify for a 

N 50,000 loan without collateral. When you have 60 active downlines in your 

network you qualify for N 100,000 loan without collateral to start any 

business of your choice or we will set up an online business for you which will 

pump money into your account 24/7 on auto-pilot (hands-free). This is not a 

multi-level: You don’t need to refer multiple people before earning. You earn 

from your first referral - for anyone you refer - instantly. However, how much 

you can earn depends on how much talking and time you are willing to invest 

in the system. With this system, your success in life is guaranteed. Earn big 

by joining the bandwagon now with just N 2000 start-up and earnN 60,000 - 

N 1,000,000 monthly. Thousands of Nigeria's are benefiting. For more inquires 

visit: AKS coordinator: 1 Edian Lane, Idua, Eket, Akwa Ibom State
Tel. 080113928930, 08131974199
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