Effective ways to market your e-books


Resale Right Products
Resale Rights products are some of the best information products you can ever buy as someone with a business mindset.
This is because, aside from using the information in the material to solve the problem it was primarily made for, you are also allowed to resell it and keep the proceeds to yourself.

This means you have been given the license to make as much money as you can with it. And the truth is that you can continue to make lots of money from such products almost forever, except if it’s a product that needs to be updated.

There is no doubt that these kinds of products are highly profitable. It is quite possible to make millions of Naira profit from a product that cost only $97 or less with a resale rights on it.
If you have several of these products, you can comfortably have your own multiple streams of income running. In fact, you can build a profitable business on resale rights products!   

However, another truth is that some people have a good number of resale rights products zipped away in their computer systems without knowing how to turn them into cash. That is what this article is met to address.

Having tons of materials that you can sell taking up space in your computer without producing the money that you really need is not the best reason you acquired them and that must stop now, by utilizing the ideas I’m about to share with you.

But before diving into the various ways you can start cranking cash from your resale rights products with, let’s first look at what should inform your decision before purchasing a product you intend to resell. This will help you from the beginning in owning the right products that you can resell and make lots of profits from.

5 Questions To Ask Before Buying A Product To Resell
If you are looking at buying a product with resale rights, which you intend to make money from, here are five important questions you should ask yourself and get positive answers to before going ahead to buy.
  1. Does the product quench a serious desire?
It will be easier for you to sell a product that meet a very strong desire in people than one that doesn’t.

For instance, the desire for financial freedom is very strong in most people. Even people you think are already rich are still moved by the desire to be richer so as to be able to sustain their wealth and contribute more to helping their societies. That is why they look for profitable investment ideas.

And that is the reason products relating to income generation, including Internet marketing courses, and investment courses are top selling.

Apart from the make money market, there are many other areas with hot desire. These include weight loss and fitness, specialized trainings (photography, Photoshop, WordPress theme creation, social media marketing, Apps creation, etc.), how to stop addiction, romance and relationship, cookery and recipe books, etc. You can check top selling products on places like Amazon, clickbank, udemy, CJ, and other market places to have an idea of the kind of products people have strong desire to buy.
That brings us to the next question to ask:
  1. Is it of high quality?
You must ensure that the product is of top quality, and that people who will buy it from you will be happy purchasing it. If after buying the product and you find it isn’t that valuable, you shouldn’t go ahead to selling it because if you do that you will be causing harm to your reputation.

You will be losing customers who could have bought other products from you. The more quality product to sell, the more trusted you will become in the hearts of your customers, and the more they will want to buy things from you again. Some will even be looking forward to your next products to buy.
Reputation is very important if you are to succeed in information marketing business.   
Now the third question:
  1. What market will I be selling to and what is its size?
With this question, you want to be clear who you will be selling to. Are Nigerians your target market? Or are you going to be selling to Americans and others in the global arena? You need to differentiate your target market so that you can adopt the right marketing strategies to the one you have chosen.
The way you market to Nigerians is different from the way you will market to the American market. You presentation and graphics must be different, even though the tools you will use can be the same.

If you are targeting the Nigerian market, you will have to be sure that the niche is large enough. From hundreds of thousands to millions of prospective buyers is good enough.
The fourth question probes the market further:
  1. How do I find the people who need this product?
You need to also be sure you can locate the people who need the product. You should be able to know where to find such people in good number, whether online or offline.
Are they on the social media? Do they visit certain blogs, websites, or forums frequently? What newspapers or magazines do they read? What event do they attend? These are questions you need to answer to have a clear picture of where your prospects can be found.

You need to identify where these people meet or visit, both on online and offline platforms so that you can determine how to reach them there and get your products or business exposed to them.
And the fifth question:
  1. How can I market this product to prospective buyers?      
Having noted that the product meets a strong desire, and is of good quality; and that you have a clear picture of the market to target, and also you know where to find the people who need the product, the next thing is to be sure you know how to market the product to them and get them to buy it.

If you are satisfied with the answers to the first four questions, but don’t know how to market information products, you can still go ahead to purchase the product while you learn how to market it. In any case, that is the area we will be looking into now.

Marketing info products:

How To Effectively Market Information Products And Make Good Sales 
Here are the steps to market your products and generate good income.

Setting up web pages:
The first thing you need to do to start marketing your products is to set up the squeeze page, sales page, order page, and the download page.

The squeeze page is the page you first send your prospective buyers to. On this page, you should have something of value, like a report to give out for free. You should also have an email capturing system set up to take the email addresses of people who want your free report.

The idea is to have prospective buyers filling the email form and subscribing to your list in order to get the free stuff you are giving away.

For this to be effective, what you are giving out for free must be valuable for people to want to have it.

You can use a free email system at www.listwire.com to get this done. Sign up with listwire and you will be able to generate the code for the email form, which you will paste at the suitable place on the squeeze page.

You can use Frontpage or any other html editor to make your web pages. With listwire, like other email systems, you can create different email systems for different campaigns.

For example, you can have a different email capturing system to target weight loss enthusiasts and another for Facebook marketing campaign. This allows you to separately capture the emails of people of different interests so that you can market to them specifically.

Most times, resale rights products come with the necessary web page templates that you will need, such as the squeeze page, sales page, and download page. All you would need to do is to edit them using any html editor like Frontpage.

The need for squeeze page:
Having a squeeze page as the first place to send your prospects to is very important to the effectiveness of your marketing campaign.

By collecting the emails of potential buyers, you will be able to establish a kind of relationship with them by sending them useful information relating to the area they are interested in. Then, once in a while you recommend a product to them.

If you do this for a while, that is, sending them useful tips, ideas, or information they are interested in, and not directly sending them sales pitches, they will begin to develop trust in you and will start seeing you as an expert in that field. Then it will be easier to get them to order for products that you recommend to them.

Trust, a critical factor in information marketing:
Developing TRUST in your prospect is very important if you will succeed in information marketing. Most people make buying decision if they trust the site or person they are buying from, and one of the effective ways you can gain their trust is to have a means of communicating with them.

So, don’t try sending your prospects from the source of acquisition direct to the product’s sales page. This may have worked in the past, but certainly not much these days. The best thing to do now is to get them to subscribe to your list. And from there you can continue the marketing.

Your squeeze page should be attractive or compelling to get most people, if not all who visit it to opt into your list. Therefore, it should have the ecover of what you are giving away, and the text message there should be carefully written to compel visitors to sign up.

Getting your squeeze and sales pages live:
For your web pages to be live on the World Wide Web so that anyone with Internet connection can see them wherever they are on the face of the globe, you will need a web host. Companies such as Hostgator, Bluehost, and others offer hosting service.

I have been using Hostgator for some years now and I haven’t had problems with them and can recommend them to anyone who needs such service. I’m also their affiliate, and with this coupon code: moneyway2014 you will get 25% discount from buying hosting from Hostgator.

Like I said before there are other host providers like Bluehost and they are equally good and reliable. However, you should do your due diligence before buying from any of them.

Another good thing I love about the Hostgator service, which I believe some other companies have as well is the opportunity to use one account to host several different domains. That means you can use one account to host web pages for the different products you are marketing.

Using free hosting vs paid hosting service:
 Some people may be wondering if we can’t use free hosting services like blogger.com to set up the sales page, squeeze page, and the download page.
The answer is yes we can, but it has a HUGE downsides.

Generally, people’s psychology on the Internet doesn’t favor buying from a free hosting site. I’m sure you don’t usually feel comfortable if someone is marketing to you on blogger site or other free sites. If your answer is yes, it means that’s how most people feel too about making order from free hosting sites.

That explains why it is far better to have your own paid hosting service. It doesn’t make sense spending so much time and energy on a free host and not being able to sell anything.

In addition to the benefit of paid hosting, you will be able to upload the products you are selling and the one you are giving away into the server hosting you.

Then, you will only need to send the download link of the one you are selling to the buyer after the purchase has been confirmed. Similarly, the email system will automatically send the download link of the free product to subscribers after they have confirmed their subscription.

Therefore, if you are really serious about information marketing business, I strongly recommend paid hosting service for your web pages.  

Sourcing For Prospects
After you have set up your web pages, the marketing is now about to start! You need to find the platforms where your prospective buyers meet and try to get their attention. This can be both online and offline.

For example, if you are marketing information products on subjects like income generation, how to make money, business opportunities, you will find thousands of your prospects on SuccessDigest platform, including its online platform, successdigestonline.

You can also find them in other places online and offline with a little research.

After you have located where your target audience is, the next task is to get their attention.

How do you get their attention?
The more effective and faster way to acquire subscribers to your list is to place an advert on the platforms where your target market is. Trying to get people to visit your site through the backdoor by placing links at forums sites and other people’s blogs does not work much these days, in fact, it may not work at all. The site owners may consider your activities as spam and you can get banned from using their site.

Therefore, you will need to have a budget for advertising, and you should track your progress with the platforms you are advertising with. You can advertise on one platform at a time or set up different email campaigns for different platforms where you are advertising so that you can determine which platform brings you more subscribers and sales.

SuccessDigest is well known by information marketers who use its platform for advertising to be super effective in getting responses to their offers. The return on their advertising investment is second to known. However, it seriously frowns at adverts that appear fraudulent and will not accept such.

Listwire and other email systems discussed earlier allow you to set up different campaigns. They also have autoresponder systems that allow you to set up messages to be delivered on specified dates.

You should be advertising your free report or whatever you are giving away for free and sending people to your squeeze page for them to subscribe to your list, rather than taking them straight to the sales page, except if the audience has already known and trusted you.

Other ways of acquiring subscribers:
Another way to get your target audience is to set up a blog on the same niche as the product you are selling. Make the blog popular by promoting it on the social media, etc. This will bring good traffic to it and many of them will subscribe to your list to get the free stuff you are giving away.        

Also, you can get prospective subscribers to your list by approaching related blogs and offering to send them rich and unique articles that they can post on their blogs. In return, they should give you a link from their site to your squeeze page or blog.  

You will need to have lots of websites with your articles and links pointing to your page to really see the effect of this strategy. However, you must ensure you are giving the site owners quality articles that haven’t been posted before online, otherwise they will reject it.

The process of acquiring subscribers should be a continuous one because the more people you have in your list, the more sales you stand to make from promoting a product.

For instance, someone with a list of 20,000 will sell 1,000 copies of his/her product if 5% of his/her list purchases, while it will be 100 copies for another person with 2,000 subscribers. That of course means the guy with the bigger list makes more sales and more money. 

After you have acquired subscribers, what next?

Establishing a relationship with your subscribers:
With emails of potential customers with you, the success of your business will depend on how well you communicate with them. You need to let them trust you enough before you start bombarding them with offers to buy something.

What you should do more often is to provide them with useful information that they can use. When you find something valuable on the Internet, you can share it with them by email, or you do a blog post on it and send them an email to read it up on your blog.

I can assure you that if you continue on this and build a good relationship with your subscribers, you will have good sales whenever you have a new product launch.

Building A Multiple Streams Of Income Business  
You can use the same strategy I just shared to sell different products. All you need is to identify the people to target for a particular product, and where to find them. Then set up a different email system for it and go about acquiring subscribers, and cultivating them.

If you have several marketing campaigns going on, you can expect to have income streams from different sources, which can add up to something substantial at the end of the month.

Other Sources Of Income From Resale Rights Products
Offer Seminars:
You can also create another stream of income from resale rights products by becoming an expert in the subject the product covered, and creating a seminar or training course from it.
This is how to achieve that: get the knowledge and skills from the material; put the knowledge gained to practice and achieve some result; then using your personal experience and the knowledge gained from the product become an expert and offer training to other people on the subject.

The training can be free, while you make it mandatory for attendees to buy the product at a low price, or you can make it a low priced training, it all depends on how you perceive your target audience will respond to your offer. You can schedule the seminar monthly or quarterly; hold it yourself, or in partnership with other people.

Create CDs or DVDs:
You can generate another source of income from your products by burning them into CDs or DVDs and designing attractive covers for them, as well as packaging them in casing. Let your packaging be professionally done so that it can be appealing.

Then locate busy bookstores, supermarkets, private libraries, NGOs and other organizations involved in job creation and empowerment, and other places you can think about where people who are looking for information visit regularly.

Strike a deal with these organizations for them to display it on their shelves and sell to their customers or clients. As they sell, you continue to supply them. This alone can grow into millions of naira business over time, and with your creativity. However, make sure you are only selling products you have resale rights on to avoid problem with their owners.

From what we have discussed, you can see the different ways of making money from resale rights products. In fact, you can easily have a multimillion Naira business running in a short while from selling products you have the right to resell by working hard on it and creatively adding new ways of marketing them. To your success!