When the .com domain came out new on March 15th, 1985, it was on a slow pace, but today, it is the most popular domain online with many people coughing out thousands of dollar to acquire it every day. Presently, more than 115 domain names have been registered and the number is still counting. The introduction of new generic top-level domains (gTLDs) opens up new opportunities for those who are ready to use their brains to make a lot of money on the World Wide Web.
You can become rich with the new
gTLDs if you know how to flip hot domains. If you know how to recognize a potentially hot domain and the process of flipping it, you may well become one of the internet millionaires of our time. The process is very simple but requires dedication and hard work. The new gTLDs include .club, .agency, .photography, .band, .boutique, .academy and so on. Your job is to register domains that you think will be hot, have them parked and wait for their buyers to come.
One way of identifying potentially hot domain names is through keyword research. You can use the Google keyword research tool or Wordtracker, or both, to identify hot keywords and when you discover them, you should then register them making use of the new gTLDs. In registering the domains, you should make use of the right registrar so that the process will be easier for you. There are some registrars that will give you additional incentives when you do business with them, for example, some of them may give you free parking service when you make certain number of purchases.
After registering the names, you can either keep or park them. When you keep them, you will be waiting for buyers to come for them. On the other hand, if you decide to park them, they will be visible to search engines and you may make a few dollars through this before your buyers will come. The latter option is ideal because domain name registration is renewable every year. However, since domain parking involves search engine optimization, it may be a great task to park all your domains. Consequently, you should select few ones to park and keep the rest till your buyers emerge.
If you want to know how much you can make in domain flipping, you should visit top sites dedicated to it like Flippa, Sedo as well as eBay and see their top sales. You will be amazed at how much a domain can be sold especially if it is highly demanded. As a result of this, you need to act faster than others because competition online is very stiff. If you can get the hot domain names before others, you are definitely going to join the league of those who have made serious money in domain flipping. The secret of domain flipping is to register as many potentially hot names as possible because you don't know the one that will give you a break.

How can you make money with domain names? The simple fact is that it is very easy and more and more people are doing it successfully online earning big bucks.
For over 3 years I have been buying and selling domains on a part time basis and little did I know of all the resources available to me. Now I am using everything at my disposal to turn an even higher profit and I will analyse and display a simple approach so you can start making money with domain names immediately. Here is a great approach to start making money online.
Step 1
The most important step is having something to sell. In this article we will look at selling domain names as our product of choice. Where do we find these domain names to sell and how much do they cost? For years I would go to a registrar who sells them and insert random words to see if they were available. The average cost for a new domain name is $12 - $15 depending on the registrar. This process took a very long time and after a while became less and less efficient. Don't get me wrong, I did make some good money from the one word domains that I picked up and sold on auction but when you take the amount of time involved it didn't look as appealing to me.
There are companies online that offer you an opportunity to buy expired or expiring domains that people do not renew or simply let slip away. In many cases you can find premium ones that have active traffic and have aged well. These are the ones that make the most profit. Just go on any search engine and insert "buy expired domains" and you will find an abundance of opportunities to join. Some are free to join but there are paid programs that work well also. Before buying I always do an appraisal on it to ensure the value is real and worth my while.
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Step 2
So you know how to get them, now how do you make money?
People are actively searching for great domains and you can find these buyers via auctions. A simple search online and you will find the top 2 auctions that cater to what your selling. Put it up for auction and watch the bidding begin.
What people are looking for?
Traffic, Age, length and whether or not it has a hyphen or number (which are not good)
Not so fast... If you really want to make some money and you have a bit of knowledge creating websites or installing scripts then you can work on a simple website for that domain and increase its value.
Just remember this... Everything you need is at your fingertips, a simple search online will allow you to find enough free resources to make your job easier and much enjoyable.