How To Make Money Selling Information

How To Make Money Selling Information On The Internet [Step By Step Procedure]
When you think of Ewen Chia, Sean Ogle, Matt Lloyd, Akin Alabi, Henry Omenogor, Oluwafisayo Akinlolu, Patrick Ogidi, Olaide Alim and the rest of them, what comes to your mind? In case you don’t know these names, these are guys who have carved a niche for themselves in the information marketing world both locally and internationally. What they do basically is to compile quality information into an ebook format, do some kind of online and offline marketing to drive traffic to their squeeze page where they give free quality information for a while and the end of the day, you might just buy a copy of their digital books.
The concept of information marketing has existed for many years. Think about the newspapers and media houses, how do they make money? They sell you information in the form of news, you pay at least N200 per copy of a newspaper; imagine how many millions of readers the PUNCH Newspaper or GUARDIAN Newspaper have!
What if you could build up an army of readers all around the world with each of them always eager to buy your next digital product? When Ewen Chia promotes a product to his list of well over millions of people, what do you think happens? Making money on the internet is not rocket science and the good thing is that you can do every right from your computer; you can lie in your bed if you choose just like I am doing now, writing you this article. What if you could sell an ebook for 2k a copy to 100 people? That’s a cool 200k right? But hold on, it’s not as easy as it sounds; you don’t just jump in, write something, put up a sales page and expect people to throw their money at you. Information marketing works if you learn the ropes and establish yourself as an authority in your niche.
In 2010 after my Youth Service, I applied with a foreign based company to become a mystery shopper here in Nigeria; I made over $250, the cash was paid to my domiciliary account. Basically, a mystery shopper is paid to act as a regular customer just to ascertain things like professionalism of the staff of the organization; the cleanliness of the business environment, how enlightened is the staff about the business as a whole etc. Since I had made some money from this business and was sure it works, I introduced some of my friends and they did make some money as well. I quickly reached out to Mr. Joe Daniel, I explained to him how I had made $250 and I showed him the proof. He gave me a 45 minute slot on his seminar where I lectured people on how to go about it. He paid me 8k; that was the first time I was ever paid to talk to people.
Mr. Joe advised me to write an ebook which I did and sent to him for proofreading. We went into partnership; he did the promotion to his list while I got 50% of the sales. Good deal! I later on progressed to building my own squeeze page; I paid about N6,500 for advertising on Success Digest Newspaper and got lots of people calling to inquire; some of which converted to sales. In the first week I netted over 20k; not a bad deal for a starter. I shut down the offer as the Mystery Shopping jobs stopped coming in, it’s was a seasonal offer and I didn’t want to come off as misleading people. The following steps would guide you to start making money on the internet by selling information:
1.       Market Research: In the information marketing business, you need to know what your target audience wants; this could be in the form of problems they experience etc. If you can solve problems, you will make money in the information marketing world. I have seen people sell information like ‘ how to last long in bed’, ‘ how to lose weight in two weeks’, I heard of this guy that sells information on how to prepare some African delicacies. You can teach people how to make money on the internet; a lot of people would be eager to learn your strategies because there are no jobs. You have to pick a niche; a niche is a target group of people within a general group who are interested in specific stuffs. Like under health, you can’t just sell information on ‘how to be healthy’, your information should be specific like ‘how to lose weight in one week’.
There are several ways to know what the market needs; one of such way is to visit forums like Nairaland to know what topics are trending and have lots of views and responses. This would help you determine what topic to write about. Let’s use the making money online niche; lots of people would sure be interested in this topic. So you can say ‘How to make $500 Every Month from Fiverr’, that’s more specific!
 2.       Putting the Information Together: If you have made money either online or offline with one business or the other, you can pen this down and write about how you went about it. Sometimes, the information you sell might not necessarily be yours. If you know someone who is successful in fish farming or snail rearing, you can do a short interview with the person, package into an information product and sell! You have proof that it works. Even writers, sometimes lift information from external sources in order to put their book together. Please I must warn; do not put up crappy information for sale, you would dent your personality and soil your name. Ensure that whatever information you sell is of high value.
Another way of getting information to sell is to buying resell rights and private label rights ebook. Resell rights ebooks are cheap in most cases; these kinds of ebooks can be resold by the buyer but without altering the original contents of the book. For a private label right ebook, you can alter the contents and input your name as the author of the book and resell. If you have the book written in Microsoft Word, it’s advisable to convert it to PDF format; this is a more standard format and helps you deliver your book without the buyer being unable to edit the content. You can download a free pdf converter on click here to read the full book .